electric car charger

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This is a design for a connector for charging electric cars, designed to handle up to 2*700 amps with a ~40mm diameter connector.



male connector front view



connector side view



charger side view





1) Partly insert the charger into the socket. The plastic inner ring of the charger fits into the socket, preventing rotation of the inner part of the charger plug.


2) Rotate the handle 45°. This rotates the charger outer ring, which stretches a spring and moves the outer ring threads to allow further insertion.


3) Fully insert the charger.


4) Rotate the handle back to its starting position. This makes the threaded outer ring pull the charger towards the plug, pushing the wires into their holes. The spring sections of the wires are slightly compressed, balancing the force on wires. The 5v power supply in the small upper section powers a microcontroller in the car, which sends any necessary data to the charger station, which then begins charging the car.


5) Release the handle. The spring maintains torque to hold the charger in the plug.



To minimize vandalism concerns, the chargers should probably use female connectors.



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