use less PVC

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If you think you should use PVC for something, you're probably wrong.



PVC has poor thermal stability, poor UV stability, and mediocre mechanical properties.


Stabilizers used in PVC, such as tributyl tin and organolead compounds, have been quite toxic.


PVC without plasticizer is brittle.


If PVC has plasticizer, it migrates to the surface, where it gives the material a greasy feel and collects dust. Many common PVC plasticizers, such as DEHP, are somewhat bad for people and also smell bad. PVC can also become brittle as it loses plasticizer over time.



So, what should you use instead?


some alternatives to rigid PVC:

- polypropylene with glass fiber

- terephthalate polyester with glass fiber


some alternatives to soft PVC:

- poly(ethylene co vinyl acetate)

- high-density ionomer foam

- poly(styrene co (diglyceride acrylate ester)), probably blended with polystyrene and vegetable oil

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